Meet Name
Meet Date
Meet Location
Last Chance Meet RAWLINS10/26/2018Rawlins Aqatics CenterClick for Results
Pitt & GT vs. FSU10/06/2018Morcom Aquatic CenterClick for Results
2018 District 4 Diving Championship02/24/2018Bloomsburg Middle SchoolClick for Results
2018 MAC Championships02/09/2018Moon Area high SchoolClick for Results
University of South Carolina Winter Invite01/26/2018University of South CarolinaResults not yet uploaded
Florida State University v. Notre Dame01/19/2018Tallahassee, FLClick for Results
FSU v Minnesota10/07/2017Morcom Aquatics Center, Tallahassee, FLResults not yet uploaded
Test Meet10/04/2017School Aquatic CenterClick for Results
ADC Duel06/10/2017 Click for Results
2017 PIAA State Diving Meet AAA03/17/2017Kinney Natatorium, Bucknell UniversityClick for Results
2017 PIAA State Diving Meet AA03/15/2017Kinney Naratorium, Bucknell UniversityClick for Results
MAC TEST02/27/2017 Results not yet uploaded
2017 District 11 Diving Championships02/25/2017Emmaus High School NatatoriumClick for Results
2017 PA District 4 Diving Championhships02/25/2017Bloomsburg Middle SchoolClick for Results
2017 4A Boys State Championhips02/23/2017Gillette, WYClick for Results
4A West Championship02/10/2017Rock Springs, WyClick for Results
2017 Boys 3A Abasraka Conference02/10/2017 Click for Results
MAC Championships02/10/2017Moon Area High SchoolClick for Results
Evanston Dual01/31/2017RS PoolClick for Results
2017 RS vs Evanston01/31/2017Rock Springs, WyClick for Results
Evan vs Rs01/22/2017Rock SpringsClick for Results
RS Quad01/20/2017Test SightClick for Results
EPC Diving CHampionship Meet 2017 EMmaus01/14/2017Emmaus High School NatatoriumClick for Results
2016 3A Girls State10/28/2016Gillette, WYClick for Results
2016 4A Girls State10/27/2016Gillette, WYClick for Results
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